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Nomination Contestants

The deadline for candidate nominations for the 2018 General Election closed on May 17 at 2 P.M.

A nomination contestant is a person seeking endorsement from a registered political party as an official party candidate in an electoral district. Political parties and constituency associations hold nomination contests to choose their candidate for an election.

The registered political party or constituency association that wants to hold a nomination contest must inform Elections Ontario of the date of the official call of the nomination contest and of the date fixed for the vote. This is done by filing a Notice of Nomination Contest Form NC-2.

Anyone who actively engages in a nomination contest must register with Elections Ontario as a nomination contestant as soon as the registered political party advises Elections Ontario a contest is taking place. Nomination contestants register with Elections Ontario by completing a Nomination Contestant Registration and Change Notice Form NC-1. There is no fee to register as a nomination contestant.

The nomination contest period, with respect to a nomination contestant, is the period that begins when the contestant first receives or spends funds for the purpose of achieving the endorsement, and ends three months after the candidate for the electoral district is selected.

If you have won a nomination contest, please note that you will not be considered a candidate until you submit your Candidate Nomination Paper (F0400).

Nomination contests and individuals selected as candidates available here.