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Third Party Political Advertising Interim Reports

With the enactment of Bill 254, Protecting Ontario Elections Act, 2021 on April 19, 2021, every third party must promptly file interim reports with the Chief Electoral Officer. Third Parties must also report to Elections Ontario when they have reached the applicable spending limit.

Third Party Chief Financial Officers (CFO) must file TPAR-Interim: Third Party Political Advertising Interim Reports promptly after paying or committing to any person or entity to spend any funds on paid political advertising, with a separate report being required each time its aggregate spending increases by an amount of at least $1,000 and when it has reached the applicable spending limit.

Election Ontario must publish this information on our website within two (2) days of receiving the reports. Based on the interim reports, Elections Ontario must also publish the percentage of the maximum spending limit each third party has spent. This will enable the broadcasters and publishers of political advertising to maintain an awareness of when third parties are at risk of exceeding their spending limits, and to make informed decisions when selling advertising to third parties.

For full details of what is included in TPAR-Interim and TPAR-Final reports, see the CFO Handbook for Third Parties.