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The resources in this section are for use by media outlets. Please credit Elections Ontario for any imagery or any other resources taken from this site.

Elections Ontario media releases are posted to this section. 

Our media rules page explains the laws that govern how the media may cover an election. The social media rules for media, political parties, campaigns and candidates are also available.

If you need any other information or materials, please contact the Media Relations team.

Recent amendments to the Election Finances Act include new registration requirements for every person or entity who has incurred expenses of $500 or more on third party political advertising in either the non-election period or during an election period and who is not a registered candidate, political party, or constituency association.

Political advertising is defined as advertising in any broadcast, print, electronic, or other medium with the purpose of promoting or opposing any registered party or its leader or the election of a registered candidate, and includes advertising that takes a position on an issue that can reasonably be regarded as closely associated with a registered party or its leader or a registered candidate. 

For more information on third party advertising, including spending limits, please consult the Election Finances bulletin.