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Quarterly Allowances

Political Parties

The Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) shall determine, for each quarter of a calendar year, an allowance payable to a registered party whose candidates in the last election before the current quarter received at least: 

  • two per cent of the number of valid votes cast; or

  • five per cent of the number of valid votes cast in the electoral districts in which the registered party endorsed a candidate.

Constituency Associations

A quarterly allowance is assigned to each electoral district which is shared amongst associations based on the percentage of the valid votes their party candidate received in the last election. Quarterly Allowances are paid to registered constituency associations if they meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • A party candidate must have received at least 2% of the valid votes cast for that party’s constituency association to qualify for the allowance.

  • An allowance is only payable to a registered constituency association for a quarter if all documents that it was required to file with Elections Ontario in the four-year period immediately before the quarter have been filed and are complete.

Allowances are distributed by quarter:

  • Quarter 1 - January to March

  • Quarter 2 - April to June

  • Quarter 3 - July to September

  • Quarter 4 - October to December

The payment of quarterly allowances ceases on December 31, 2021.