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Political Entity Portal

The Political Entity Portal (PEP) is an online tool that political entities can use to file their financial statements. Some of its key features include: 

  • Completion of financial returns (Includes: data entry, completion of audit reports, attachment of documents required for filing, and return submission) 

  • Access and download previous years financial returns, if filed through PEP 

  • Download approved return from 2020 and onwards – whether its PEP or manually filed 

  • Update users own contact information 

To access PEP, please click here -  

Please note, financial returns that are required to be filed for a specific event will be available on the portal once the reporting period for that event has ended.


For the 2022 General Elections, campaign period returns will be available in PEP after September 2, 2022.

Return Type Reporting Period Ends On
Annual Returns (AR-10/AR-1) December 31st
Campaign Returns (CR-4/CR-3/CR-1) 3 months after polling day
Leadership Returns (CR-5) 1st Filing: 2 months after leadership vote date
2nd Filing: 14 months after leadership vote date

For more information about the portal, training sessions, and support please contact us at: