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Filing Guidelines for Third Parties

When you register a third party in Ontario you must follow rules according to the Election Finances Act. Your chief financial officer (CFO) has many legal responsibilities, including to record, report and keep financial information.

Below is a summary of the filing requirements. For a full list of rules and complete details, please see the CFO Handbook for Third Parties.

When you fill out forms please be sure that:

  • All information is accurate and complete (inaccurate information will cause delays and may be a contravention of the Election Finances Act)
  • Information is typed or printed clearly on the form
  • You check each form carefully for information about where to submit it

Please note that filling out these forms is not a replacement for your responsibility to follow auditable bookkeeping practices.

Please refer to the Completion Guide in each form and the CFO Handbook for Third Parties for more information.