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Information for Candidates

A candidate is a person running to be a Member of Provincial Parliament, who has been issued a Certificate of Nomination from the Chief Electoral Officer during the standing nomination (s. 27.2) period, or from the returning officer (s. 27.1) prior to the close of nominations.

Eligible candidates will need to:

1. Complete and submit a Candidate Nomination Paper (F0400)

  • Familiarize yourself with the Candidate’s Guide (F0405), Candidate Calendar and important dates
  • Ensure you properly complete your nomination paper to receive your certificate of nomination.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Election Act and the Election Finances Act to understand your obligations as a candidate.

Note: when submitting your nomination paper, you can also submit one piece of government issued photo ID.

2. Submit a privacy policy to Election Ontario for approval to receive List products. 

  • You must submit a privacy policy to to receive List of Elector products. 

  • The privacy policy must be submitted prior to the close of nominations.

  • The policy must be approved by Elections Ontario before you can receive the List of Elector products.

Note: if you are a candidate endorsed by a party, confirm with your party that they have a filed a privacy policy with Elections Ontario.

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