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Information for Candidates

A candidate is a person running to be a Member of Provincial Parliament, who has been issued a Certificate of Nomination from a returning officer or the Chief Electoral Officer during the election period.

Below, you will find an overview for both independent candidates and candidates who are representing parties, about: 

  • important dates and deadlines; and
  • the rules that you, and the people working on your campaign, need to follow, as well as your rights and responsibilities.

Before registering you must appoint a chief financial officer.

Before starting to campaign as a candidate, you should familiarize yourself with the campaign expense spending limits, as well as the rules for canvassing and for political advertising.

Candidates cannot accept contributions or incur expenses until the writs of election are issued and the candidate is registered under the Election Finances Act.

For a full list of rules and complete details on how to register as a candidate, please see the Candidates Guide. For additional details, including how to open a bank account, loans for the campaign and when a campaign can be financially active, please see the CFO Handbook for Candidates.