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Third Parties

A third party is any person or entity that is not a political party, candidate or constituency association, and that engages in political advertising. Third parties include corporations, partnerships, unincorporated businesses and associations, and many other groups.

The Election Finances Act has been amended by the Legislative Assembly of Ontario since the 2014 General Election, and many of the changes relate to third party advertising.

Therefore, if you plan to conduct political advertising between November 9, 2017 and polling day for the 2018 General Election in Ontario, please be advised that there are registration and filing requirements as well as spending limits. These provisions are set out in sections 37.1 to 37.13 of the Election Finances Act and are summarized in our Election Finances bulletin. For further information refer to the CFO Handbook for Third Parties or contact the Compliance Division.

Registered Third Parties in Ontario for the June 2018 General Election

As at: April 13, 2018
(In alphabetical order)

Name of Third Party Effective Date of Registration Name of Applicant(s) / Principal Officer(s) Address
Association of Municipalities of Ontario November 9, 2017

- Pat Vanini

801-200 University Ave

Toronto ON
M5H 3C6

Better Change for Ontario

 February 28, 2018

- Ken Neumann

800-234 Eglinton Ave E

Toronto  ON   M4P 1K7

Campaign for Public Education

January 22, 2018

- Andy Lomnicki

300-4211 Yonge St
Toronto  ON   M2P 2A9

- Leslie Wolfe 300-1482 Bathurst St
Toronto  ON   M5P 3H1
Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment March 20, 2018 - Susan Perrotta

405-215 Spadina Ave

Toronto  ON  M5T 2C7

Canadian Union of Public Employees April 6, 2018

Candace Rennick

1-80 Commerce Valley Dr E

Markham  ON  L3T 0B2
Fred Hahn 
Dennis Mills April 6, 2018 Dennis Mills

72 Hogarth Ave

Toronto ON  M4K 1K3

Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario

January 22, 2018

- Sam Hammond

- Sharon O'Halloran
136 Isabella St
Toronto  ON  M4Y 0B5
GreenPAC April 6, 2018

Sabrina Bowman

400-70 The Esplanade

Toronto ON M5E 1R2
Jim Karahalios January 15, 2018 Jim Karahalios

PO Box 40031, Dupont PO

Toronto ON  M5R 1V0

National Citizens Coalition February 1, 2018

- Peter Coleman

- Mirriam Alford

501-27 Queen St E

Toronto  ON   M5C 2M6
Not This Time Coalition February 28, 2018

- Heath Thomas

17 Gardentree St

West Hill  ON   M1E 2E8

- Dereck Lackey

3748 Highway 8

Dundas  ON   L9H 4V1
- David D. Dawson

903-160 Hughson S

Hamilton  ON  L8N 3V2
Ontario Clean Air Alliance March 10, 2018

- Jack Gibbons

- Angela Bischoff

300-160 John St

Toronto  ON  M5V 2E5

Ontario Kinesiology Association  March 20, 2018

- Sabrina Francescut

1258 John St Rd

Thunder Bay  ON  P7B 2A3

- Janice Ray

97 Major Buttons Rd

Markham ON  L3P 3X4

Ontario Medical Association March 20, 2018 - Tom Magyarody

900-150 Bloor St W 

Toronto  ON  M5S 3C1

Ontario Proud November 9, 2017

- Ryan O’Connor

- Jeffrey Ballingall

400-36 King St E Toronto ON M5C 1E5
Ontario Public Service Employees' Union January 24, 2018

-Warren (Smokey) Thomas

-Eduardo Almeida

100 Lesmill Rd Toronto ON M3B 3P8
Ontario Retirement Communities Association February 1, 2018 - Laurie Johnston

202-2401 Bristol Cir

Oakville  ON   L5H 5S9
Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation March 10, 2018

- Pierre Cote

- Lori Foote

60 Mobile Dr

Toronto  ON  M4A 2P3

Police Association of Ontario  March 10, 2018

- Bruce Chapman

- Stephen Reid

302-1650 Yonge St

Toronto  ON   M4T 2A2

Unifor November 21, 2017

- Jerry Dias

- Robert Orr

205 Placer Crt Toronto ON  M2H 3H9
Working Families December 19, 2017

- Patrick Dillon

401-75 International Blvd Toronto  ON    M9W 6L9
- Art White 190 Milner Ave Toronto  ON   M1S 5B6
Working Ontario Women April 6, 2018

Cathy Carroll

970 Queen St E, RPO Box 98081 Carlaw Ave

Toronto ON  M4M 1J0
Carol McDowell

Total Number of Registered Third Parties = 22