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Third Parties

A third party is any person or entity that is not a political party, candidate or constituency association, and that engages in political advertising. Third parties include corporations, partnerships, unincorporated businesses and associations, and many other groups.

The Election Finances Act has been amended by the Legislative Assembly of Ontario since the 2014 General Election, and many of the changes relate to third party advertising.

Therefore, if you plan to conduct political advertising between November 9, 2017 and polling day for the 2018 general election in Ontario, please be advised that there are registration and filing requirements as well as spending limits. These provisions are set out in sections 37.1 to 37.13 of the Election Finances Act and are summarized in our Election Finances bulletin. For further information refer to the CFO Handbook for Third Parties or contact the Compliance Division.

Third parties register with us by completing a Form TP-1 - Third Party Registration and Change Notice Form.

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