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Election Official Employment Centre

The total number of hours worked for Elections Ontario in a calendar year is used to determine if CPP and EI should be deducted. Once you have worked 35 hours for Elections Ontario in a year, CPP and EI start to be deducted, beginning with the first hour worked. Income tax is deducted based on bi‑weekly tax tables supplied by the Canada Revenue Agency.

As per the guidelines set out by the Canada Revenue Agency, T4s will be mailed to you at the address provided no later than the last day of February of the following year.

Record of Employment will only be issued if you have worked at least 35 hours and had Employment Insurance deducted from your pay. Elections Ontario submits Records of Employment electronically to Service Canada. You will be able to access your Record of Employment through Service Canada.

  • Employee Portal – Find information about your pay, including status and deductions. Your employee number is found on your Poll Official Contract.
  • Contact Us – For any additional questions or concerns about your pay, or if you can’t find your login information for the Employee Portal.