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New Canadian Citizens

Congratulations on becoming a new Canadian citizen! You may now be eligible to vote in the next provincial election if you are:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • a Canadian citizen
  • a resident of Ontario

You can use eRegistration to add your information to the voters list. By adding yourself to the voters list, you will be mailed a voter information card  with information about when and where to vote when the next election or by-election in your electoral district is called.

Who are Elections Ontario and Elections Canada?

Elections Ontario is a non-partisan office of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario responsible for administering provincial elections in Ontario.

Elections Canada is a separate, non-partisan agency responsible for administering Canadian federal elections.

Voting information available in multiple languages

We mail information in English and French about where and when to vote to every home during every general election (and to every home in the electoral district for a by-election).

During a general election, this information is also available in more than 30 other languages on our website.

When you go to vote, you can also ask for instructions on how to vote in more than 30 languages. These instructions are available for both general elections and by-elections.

Learn more about voting in Ontario or use our glossary to find out what some election terms mean. Check out our educational resources to learn about Ontario provincial elections.