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How to Reserve a Political Party Name

You must reserve your party name before you can register your party. To apply to reserve your party name, download and submit Form P-3: Request to Reserve Name of a Political Party.

Elections Ontario will review the application and determine if you may register the name you requested. A proposed name must not:

  • contain the word “independent”;
  • be similar to another political party or political entity name in Canada;
  • be abusive or offensive; or
  • be submitted by an applicant who has a current and unexpired reservation for a different party name.

You may wish to view the list of reserved and registered Ontario political party names. If Elections Ontario decides that you may register the name you propose, we will reserve it for one year. Once you have reserved your party name you may begin the process to register your party.

There is no fee to reserve your party name.

When you fill out forms please be sure that:

  • all information is accurate and complete (inaccurate information will cause delays and may be a contravention of the Election Finances Act); and
  • information is typed or printed clearly on the form.

If you have questions, please contact us.