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How to Register or De-register a Political Party

Political parties in Ontario must be registered with Elections Ontario. There is no fee to register a political party. Successful registration allows a party to:

  • receive contributions and issue tax receipts;
  • finance the party’s political activities in a campaign period;
  • be reimbursed for campaign expenses; and
  • have constituency associations and candidates.

Before a political party can apply to be registered with Elections Ontario it must: 

  • reserve the party name with Elections Ontario;
  • appoint a chief financial officer (CFO); and
  • appoint an auditor.

When you fill out forms please ensure:

  • all information is accurate and complete (inaccurate information will cause delays and may be a contravention of the Election Finances Act); and
  • information is typed or printed clearly on the form.

For more information about registration and de-registration please see our CFO Handbook for Political Parties.