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International Day of Democracy

Democracy matters.

And so do you - because it only works when we all work together. 

So, have a conversation, express your opinion, listen, vote, agree to disagree, be critical, learn.

These things build our future.

Every little action works towards something bigger.

And every one of us has a say in how we move forward. 


International Day of Democracy is a United Nations initiative that takes place every year on September 15 to raise awareness of democratic values and principles. The theme for 2018 is Democracy under Strain: Solutions for a Changing World. Find out more on the United Nations website.

This year, we want to know why #DemocracyMatters to you. Share a photo or message on social media with #DemocracyMatters telling us why you think democracy is important!

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Stay involved:

  • Learn more about the International Day of Democracy
  • Get ready for the federal election in 2019 with Elections Canada
  • Vote in your municipal election on October 22, 2018! Find out how to vote or get a job through your municipality.