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Grade 10

Welcome to Elections Ontario’s new educational resources for the Grade 10 Civics and Citizenship course. The lessons are aligned with the revised curriculum released in spring 2022, are asynchronous, and can be used in whichever order that works best for the educator’s respective students.

This new resource is ready to teach, equipped with everything needed to deliver the lessons. Where appropriate, answer keys, sample student work, templates and assessment tools are provided to support educators and students. Each lesson is focused on an inquiry question, begins with a big idea and prepares students with an engaging “Minds On” section, and encourages knowledge construction through student-focused activities. Lessons conclude with relevant consolidation tasks and assessment activities.

Learning how to treat others as political equals, seeking out ways to participate in decision-making, and respecting the rights and freedoms of others are important skills and experiences for all students. These lessons will help students develop the skills to participate in civic conversations, listen to and consider multiple perspectives, and develop their own political identities. 

All lessons within this curriculum can be found below in both an online and PDF format. To request hard copies, please complete a resource order form. We also provide lessons for Grade 5 Social Studies.