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Leadership Contestants

The Election Finances Act has recently been amended by the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. The changes were enacted by Bill 2 on December 5, 2016. Please be advised that some material in the current Elections Ontario handbooks and guidelines for chief financial officers is no longer up to date. Elections Ontario will be issuing updated handbooks and guidelines in 2017.


Political parties hold leadership contests to elect their party leader. When a person is actively seeking election as a party leader, they must register with Elections Ontario as a leadership contestant.

This section provides detailed information about how to register as a contestant, how to follow the filing requirements, and key dates. For complete details please refer to our CFO Handbook for Leadership Contestants.

A party that wants to hold a leadership contest must file with Elections Ontario. The party also needs to tell Elections Ontario the start date of the contest and the fixed date of the contest vote. However, political parties run their own leadership contests according to their own rules. Elections Ontario does not regulate how a party runs a leadership contest.

If you are looking for information on eligible contributors and other relevant guidelines please see the CFO Handbook for Leadership Contestants.

If there is any discrepancy between the content on this website and the content in the CFO Handbooks for political entities, the handbooks reflect Elections Ontario’s current policies and practices.