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Voter registration forms

A provincial by-election has been called for Kitchener Centre. Election day is November 30. We must receive your form, sent by either mail or email, by 4 PM (Eastern Time) on November 20 for you to receive a voter information card for the by-elections. Please ensure the correct ID is included with your form.

Instead of completing a paper form, you can use Voter Registration to confirm, update or add your information which will allow us to process your request faster.

There are two ways to confirm, update, add or remove your information from the Register, the Register of Absentee Voters or the Ontario Register of Future Voters, and to remove the information of a deceased person from the Register.

You can search the Register to submit your request online or complete a paper application form.

Please note that applications sent by mail or email will take longer to process. If submitting a paper application form, you must include a photocopy of one piece of accepted ID showing both your name and home address, and/or other required documentation.

Complete and return paper application forms by: