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Northern Ontario Party - Quarterly Allowances 2017

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Elections Ontario shall determine an allowance payable to each eligible registered constituency association for each quarter of a calendar year starting from the year 2017.

For 2017, a quarterly amount of $6,250 is assigned to each electoral district which is shared amongst associations based on the percentage of the valid votes their party candidate received in the last election. A party candidate must have received at least 2% of the valid votes cast in order for that party’s constituency association to qualify for the allowance

An allowance is only payable to a registered constituency association for a quarter if all documents required to filed with Elections Ontario in the four-year period immediately before the quarter have been filed and are complete.

Constituency Association 1st Quarter 1st Quarter
2nd Quarter 2nd Quarter
3rd Quarter 3rd Quarter
4th Quarter 4th Quarter
107 – Timiskaming-Cochrane $148.20 $148.20 $148.20 $148.20 $148.20 $148.20 $148.20 $148.20