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2012 Vaughan By-Election – Candidate Campaign Returns CR-1

Under section 42.(1) of the Election Finances Act, the chief financial officer  of every political party, constituency association and candidate are required to file with the Chief Electoral Officer a financial statement together with the auditor’s report within six (6) months of polling day. 

*Polling day for this by-election was September 6, 2012. The Chief Electoral Officer will accept as on time financial statements postmarked or courier receipted on or before March 6, 2013.  

Registered Political Parties in Ontario

As at : May 27, 2013 / Mise à jour : le 27 mai 2013

Due Date : March 6, 2013 / Date d'échéance: le 6 mars 2013

Candidate / Candidat Party / Parti Date Filed
Date du dépôt
Bartlomiej Wysokinski Family Coalition Party of Ontario Parti de la Coalition des Familles de l'Ontario 03/07/13
Erin Goodwin Freedom Party of Ontario / Freedom Party of Ontario 03/06/13
Paula Conning Green Party of Ontario / Parti vert de l’Ontario 03/04/13
Stephen Tonner Independent / Independent 05/07/13
Paul Donofrio New Democratic Party of Ontario / Nouveau parti démocratique de l'Ontario 03/05/13
Steven Del Duca Ontario Liberal Party / Parti libéral de l'Ontario 03/06/13
Paolo Fabrizio Ontario Libertarian Party / Parti libertarien de l'Ontario 02/28/13
Tony Genco Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario / Parti progressiste-conservateur de l’Ontario 05/27/13
Phil Sarazen The Peoples Political Party / The Peoples Political Party 03/06/13