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2012 Vaughan By-Election – Candidate Campaign Returns CR-1

Under section 42.(1) of the Election Finances Act, the chief financial officer  of every political party, constituency association and candidate are required to file with the Chief Electoral Officer a financial statement together with the auditor’s report within six (6) months of polling day. 

*Polling day for this by-election was September 6, 2012. The Chief Electoral Officer will accept as on time financial statements postmarked or courier receipted on or before March 6, 2013. 

As at : May 27, 2013 / Mise à jour : le 27 mai 2013

Due Date : March 6, 2013 / Date d'échéance: le 6 mars 2013

Candidate / Candidat Party / Parti Date Filed
Date du dépôt
Bartlomiej Wysokinski Family Coalition Party of Ontario Parti de la Coalition des Familles de l'Ontario 03/07/13
Erin Goodwin Freedom Party of Ontario / Freedom Party of Ontario 03/06/13
Paula Conning Green Party of Ontario / Parti vert de l’Ontario 03/04/13
Stephen Tonner Independent / Independent 05/07/13
Paul Donofrio New Democratic Party of Ontario / Nouveau parti démocratique de l'Ontario 03/05/13
Steven Del Duca Ontario Liberal Party / Parti libéral de l'Ontario 03/06/13
Paolo Fabrizio Ontario Libertarian Party / Parti libertarien de l'Ontario 02/28/13
Tony Genco Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario / Parti progressiste-conservateur de l’Ontario 05/27/13
Phil Sarazen The Peoples Political Party / The Peoples Political Party 03/06/13