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Privacy Of The Register

Elections Ontario takes precautions to ensure that personal information contained on the register is kept secure and is used for authorized purposes only. Elector information shared by Elections Ontario can only be used for electoral purposes in accordance with the provisions of the Election Act.


You can opt out from the register or indicate in your registration application that your information should not be shared with federal and municipal electoral agencies.


In accordance with the Election Act, Elections Ontario provides elector information to Members of Provincial Parliament with respect to the electoral district they represent and to provincial political parties with respect to all 107 electoral districts.


The Permanent Register of Electors for Ontario and List of Electors Guidelines published by Elections Ontario explain what information is shared with provincial political participants, when it is shared, how they are authorized to use it and their responsibilities to safeguard elector information.


For more information on how Elections Ontario handles personal information, please see our privacy policy.