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Campaign Spending Limits

The Election Finances Act has recently been amended by the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. The changes were enacted by Bill 2 on December 5, 2016. Please be advised that some material in the current Elections Ontario handbooks and guidelines for chief financial officers is no longer up to date. Elections Ontario will be issuing updated handbooks and guidelines in 2017.

All political entities except third parties must respect certain spending limits during a campaign period. These spending limits are detailed in the Election Finances Act.

Spending limits are based on the number of electors in an electoral district, multiplied by a dollar amount. The dollar amount is revised every five years. The amounts shown below are for January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2018.

Anything that you or your political entity buys that is related to an election—whether it is an item or service—counts as part of the spending limit. The item or service must be purchased during the campaign period to count. There are some exceptions for each political entity, which can be found in the CFO Handbook for that entity.