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How to Become or Withdraw as a Candidate


To become a candidate in an Ontario provincial election you must be nominated and registered.

When you successfully register, you may receive contributions—such as monetary donations or in-kind goods and services—and issue tax receipts. You may also finance your political activities during a campaign period.

Once you are nominated, you can have your name placed on the ballot in the electoral district where you are running for election.

Before you can apply to be registered as a candidate with Elections Ontario you must:

  • appoint a chief financial officer
  • appoint an auditor
  • meet any pre-registration requirements set by your party or constituency association 


There is no fee to register a candidate.

When you fill out forms, please be sure that:

  • all information is accurate and complete (inaccurate information will cause delays and may be a contravention of the Election Finances Act
  • information is typed or printed clearly on the form     


For more details, please see the CFO Handbook for Candidates and the Candidates Guide.